The Tin Society is a pipe tobacco subscription service designed to introduce pipe smokers to new and interesting tobacco blends. 

I’ve been smoking a pipe ever since I was in college, and I’ve always found it to be a relaxing, sensory experience. When I found myself wanting to expand my tobacco palate, I searched around online for a pipe tobacco subscription service. I wanted the opportunity to sample blends that I’d never tasted without having to go to a website and scroll through hundreds of different options. My search for a subscription box came up with nothing, leaving me with the idea for a new business venture. I thought the subscription box model would suite the pipe tobacco market well and with no other service like this available, I would have plenty of room to make a name for myself. I officially launched the business in March of 2017, and have been growing steadily ever since. The pipe smoking community has been very receptive to my new service, and I have several subscribers that have stuck with me from the beginning. Here are some business stats that I’ve reached since my launch.

Website Launch


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Customer Growth


March 2017 to Dec 2017

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