Is He Worthy?

Do you feel like something isn’t quite right with the world? Do you see all of the violence and chaos, the animosity and persecution, and wonder what the point of all this is? Is there hope for a new creation? Does God actually love us? Is Jesus really the savior of the world? Wasn’t He just some guy who taught some nice things? What’s so special about him?


God Rested

The next song I want to discuss is titled, “God Rested.” It’s the final song from Andrew Peterson’s new EP, “Resurrection Letters: A Prologue.” The song recounts the events just after Jesus’s death on the cross.


He Is Always Good

Continuing with the theme of Easter music and Andrew Peterson, the next song I want to discuss from his new EP, “Resurrection Letters: A Prologue,” is titled “Always Good.” The story behind this song is heartbreaking, but also a beautiful picture of the ministry of the Holy Spirit and the Church


Why, Oh Why, My God?

This month, in anticipation of remembering and commemorating the death and resurrection of Christ, I’ve been listening to a new EP from my all-time favorite artist Andrew Peterson. The name of the EP is “Resurrection Letters: A Prologue.”


Parenting, With A Little Help From The Clarksons

Parenting is hard. It’s so hard that often you find yourself wanting to scream and pull what little hair you have left. It’s even harder to find resources to aid you in your quest to be a good parent. There are thousands of parenting books, blogs, magazines, courses, and videos. My brain hurts just thinking about all of the research that I’ve done to find good parenting resources

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