The Walter Block Library

Walter Block is the most prolific libertarian and economic scholar alive today. He’s now published over 500 scholarly articles in peer-reviewed, refereed journals covering a vast array of topics in the areas of libertarian political philosophy and Austrian economics. He’s written over a dozen different books, his most famous being Defending the Undefendable.


Growing Vervoe’s Expert Community (Part 2)

Web design is something of a burgeoning interest of mine. The first full website I built was for my business, The Tin Society. I learned a lot through the process, and it was fun tweaking and playing with the design to get it just right. Since then I’ve designed my personal website as well as a couple of other landing pages for various projects.


Growing Vervoe’s Expert Community (Part 1)

This month I’ve been working on a marketing project for a company called Vervoe. My objective for this project has been to help them grow their internal library of interview assessments. I didn’t ask permission to take on this project, and Vervoe never came to me for help with their marketing.


Mental Models for Lifelong Learning

This month I started reading through, "Personal MBA," by Josh Kaufman. My goals for reading this book are too have a basic understanding of the major processes involved in running a business as well as familiarize myself with common business terms.

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