Study Notes - April 30, 2018

Study Notes - April 30, 2018

Intro to Deals and Sales Automation – Active Campaign Video

  • Deals = Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)
  • Allows you to prioritize your deals and stay organized
  • Allows you to automate many parts of your sales pipeline
  • Save time and money


Setting Up Your First Pipeline – Active Campaign Video

  • Pipeline = Series of stages that a deal goes through as it progresses, and when it makes it to the end of a pipeline it can marked as either won or lost
  • Think of pipeline as the stage each deal goes through. For example:
    • Waiting to be contacted
    • First email sent
    • Replied to first email
    • Waiting to schedule demo
    • Demo scheduled
    • Demo completed
    • Demo follow up email sent
    • Reply demo follow up
    • Waiting on decision
    • Contract sent
    • Contract signed
  • Each stage is essentially a bucket that you place deals into
    • These buckets might indicate the state of a deal or prompt you to take an action
    • For instance, if a deal is the “demo completed” stage that might prompt you to send a follow up email
  • To create a new pipeline click the drop down carrot next to the aqua marine “General Pipeline,” click “Add New Pipeline”
  • To add a stage click the gear icon on the right hand side of the screen.
  • To reorder drag the stage to where it fits in the process.
  • To add a deal click “Add a deal” for any stage of the pipeline
  • To move a deal to another stage just drag it
  • When you click on a deal you can see all of the info you have on contact
  • To update any info, click the text and type


Connect Your Email Account to Deals – Active Campaign Video

  • Allows AC to automatically pull in emails from your contacts
  • Allows you to automate more of your sales process
  • Incoming emails allow you to trigger automations to move leads to a new stage in your pipeline and create tasks for salespeople or adjust the lead and contact score
  • To connect go to setting and click deals
  • Use the dropdown to select if you are using and exchange server or an imap server
  • Follow instructions that appear
  • Now when you receive an email from a contact that email will appear in the email activity screen
  • You can respond live from within the app so that your entire chain of communication about the deal is consolidated and accessible to everyone on your team
  • You can also create automations that create tasks based on email activities


Managing Your Workday With Deals – Active Campaign Video

  • Deals allow you to track, organize and execute your tasks related to opportunities
  • Create tasks for things like phone calls, emails, meetings and more
  • To manually add a task, open the deal, select which type of task you’re adding and add guidance, select its due date and time
  • When you add the task it will appear in the deal screen
  • In the pipeline view your task will automatically order themselves in the stages by pending tasks
  • You can also create automations that add tasks when your leads perform certain activities
    • For example: When a contact sends an email to you with a deal associated with it, you can create an automation that automatically adds a task to reply to the email.
    • You can also create automations that create tasks when deals are moved to stages, when key pages are viewed, forms submitted, links are clicked or emails are read.


Automating Your Sales Processes – Active Campaign Video

  • You can automatically create a deal when a prospect has become qualified when they reach a certain level of engagement with your marketing material
  • After the deal is created, it can automatically be assigned to a salesperson, and an email can be sent inviting them to schedule a demo by picking a time slot
  • When they reply to that email, you can automatically create a task with a salesperson to reply and move the deal to the next stage of your pipeline
  • This type of automation can save loads of time
  • Gotta look more into Contact Scoring