Study Notes - April 27, 2018

Study Notes - April 27, 2018

Testing Your Automation – Active Campaign Training Video

  • Enter yourself as contact into the automation
  • Make sure that you perform the trigger action for the automation
  • Check the contact record to see if the automation has performed the desired actions
  • Click the automations button in the lower right corner to see a visual path that your contact profile has taken through that particular automation

How To Share An Automation – Active Campaign Training Video

  • Create an automation share link
    • Navigate to automations overview page
    • Click the down carrot for the automation that you wish to share
    • Click share and a share link will automatically be generated
    • Copy and share

When To Use Goal and Go To Action In An Automation – Active Campaign Guide

  • Both actions will “jump” contacts to another step in your automation based on certain criteria.
  • A Goal action will jump a contact to another action in your automation once that contact meets certain conditions.
    • As soon as a contact meets the criteria, no matter how many steps have come before
    • Contact is pulled from wherever it is in the automation to the goal once criteria is met
  • A Go To action will jump a contact from one specific point in an automation to another
    • A Go To action is more sequential
    • requires a contact to complete the preceding step before it moves a contact
    • Can be used to move contacts through multiple automation paths and prioritize different paths in an automation