Study Notes - April 26, 2018

Study Notes - April 26, 2018

3 Steps to Building Your First Automation – Active Campaign

  • Step 1 – Setting Up Your Automation
    • Autoresponder – Uses a list, an email send and an automatic response to their action
    • Create a master list where you’ll collect all of your contacts
    • Click on automations tab and select “New Automations”
    • Select start trigger – how contacts enter automation, in this case, “Subscribe to a list.”
    • Choose your master list
  • Step 2 – Build Your Email
    • Setup a welcome email to everyone who subscribes to your master list
    • Drag and drop the “Send an Email” action into the automation interface
    • Select the template you want to use and then design your email in the email builder
    • Saving the email will bring you back into the automation interface.
  • Step 3 – Set Up Your Response
    • Insert a wait step to give contacts time to open their email and filter through the automation
    • Create an If/Else statement – this allows you to respond differently depending on the contacts action with your email
    • You can choose to send separate emails depending on whether or not the contact opened your welcome email
    • Create the response emails just like the original welcome email
  • Turn on Your Automation
    • This button is in the upper right hand corner

Intro to Automations – Active Campaign

  • Automations are combinations of triggers, logic and actions
  • Allow repetitive aspects of your business to run on auto-pilot
  • Once set up they continue to run with no input, so any time spent setting them up is a highly leveraged activity
  • One helpful trigger is “Subscribe to a list.
  • You can create emails to send in your automation or select an existing campaign
  • The email campaign summary will tell you whether your email’s content is likely to trigger spam filters
  • Another helpful action is the wait action
    • You can specify a certain amount of time or choose to wait until specific conditions that you choose are met
  • If/Else action
    • Lets you do a lot of different things depending on the actions of your contacts
  • When you turn on an automation only contacts that trigger the automation going forward will enter the sequence