Growing Vervoe's Expert Community
(Part 2)

Growing Vervoe's Expert Community (Part 2)

Landing Page Design

Web design is something of a burgeoning interest of mine. The first full website I built was for my business, The Tin Society. I learned a lot through the process, and it was fun tweaking and playing with the design to get it just right. Since then I’ve designed my personal website as well as a couple of other landing pages for various projects. For the Vervoe landing page, I wanted to keep it simple and informative with images of the platform in action as well as stock photos illustrating the benefits of becoming an assessment author.

I thought it was essential to maintain some continuity with Vervoe’s overall aesthetic. The primary colors and fonts were matched from their website, and I utilized similar key terms in my copy. A Vervoe affiliate account allowed me to use a personalized link for my call to action. This feature was cool because I could use it to track how many conversions I got from the landing page.

Traffic Generation

My next objective was to generate some traffic to the page. I posted the link to various professional networking Facebook groups as well as recruiting related LinkedIn groups. I tweeted the link to top influencers in the recruiting and staffing community. I utilized Quora to dialogue with recruiting professionals actively answering HR related questions. I also submitted answers to questions; including the link to the landing page at the end. Using Upwork, I created freelance opportunities that directed applicants to my landing page. Finally, I created posts on other sites like and Praxis Workplace linking to the landing page.

I mentioned before that I used Vervoe’s affiliate platform to track conversions. I also utilized Google Analytics to track overall traffic as well as which sources were performing best. I created custom URLs with UTM codes using a free tool from Google. A UTM is a simple code attached to a URL that allows you to keep track of the source of each click as well as the medium used and the campaign it was a part of. This UTM strategy allowed me to determine which audience was most interested in and engaged with Vervoe’s assessment authorship opportunity.

What I learned

My initial thought was to try and spread my links far and wide and get it in front of as many people as possible. I wanted to generate a lot of traffic to the landing page quickly, and just see what happened. I quickly realized that this approach wasn’t going to work. My posts were coming off as spammy, and no one was interested in interacting with my content. I realized that I needed to spend time in the communities I was trying to reach to build some rapport with the members. It’s much more effective to bring up an opportunity, like getting paid to write interview scripts, naturally in a conversation, than to just post the link with a small blurb about Vervoe. I also ran into a few roadblocks as I began spreading my page around. I wasn’t entirely sure if I would be allowed to create a “job” on Upwork promoting Vervoe’s authorship opportunity. I decided to go ahead with the plan, but quickly after I posted the jobs, they were removed by Upwork administrators.

My plan going forward is to continue to develop my writing and marketing skills and help Vervoe with their goal of growing their assessment library. I plan to write some longer articles on LinkedIn and Facebook that highlight the need for improvement in the recruiting and hiring process, and how Vervoe is tackling the problems uniquely and efficiently. My hope is also to submit an article to an influential HR blog for publication.