Growing Vervoe's Expert Community
(Part 1)

Growing Vervoe's Expert Community (Part 1)

This month I’ve been working on a marketing project for a company called Vervoe. My objective for this project has been to help them grow their internal library of interview assessments. I didn’t ask permission to take on this project, and Vervoe never came to me for help with their marketing. I chose this project because I’m excited about the mission of Vervoe, and I saw a specific need that I thought I could help address.

Vervoe is an online recruiting platform that is revolutionizing the recruiting process. They help companies create engaging and informative assessments that allow them to quickly and efficiently identify top quality candidates. This unique service helps small and medium-sized business owners reduce the time, energy and cost requirements of filling critical positions. It also benefits job seekers who have solid skills, but resumes that aren’t optimized to stand out to employers.

After I discovered the work Vervoe was doing, I began to do a bit more research to understand their process, their marketing messaging and any pain points where I might be able to provide value. I read through the articles posted on their blog, listened to some interviews of their founders and finally zeroed in on an Ask Me Anything (AMA) Feed conducted by their Head of Community, Aaron Cohn. He was asked what his specific goals were for 2018, and he mentioned that he was focused on building up Vervoe’s assessment library. Vervoe offers a library of pre-made quizzes and assessments related to all kinds of different business roles. This library is helpful for business owners or hiring managers who need to fill positions that they have little knowledge of or experience in. It also provides a useful starting point for creating their custom assessments. Helping to grow this library was just the kind of tangible need I was looking for.

My plan was to:

  1. Design a landing page that highlights the mission of Vervoe as well as the benefits of joining the Vervoe expert community and submitting interview assessments.
  2. Direct traffic to the landing page from various online recruiting communities.
  3. Track the traffic coming onto the page to identify high-quality sources.

Get paid to write interview scripts with Vervoe!

I’m excited about this project for many reasons. I enjoy designing and tweaking web pages, and I’m interested in becoming more proficient with tools like Google Analytics. Content marketing is a strategy that I’ve just started to dive into with my own business, and I’m eager to continue developing this skill. I genuinely believe in the mission of Vervoe, and I think that what they are doing is an incredible service to the human resources (HR) space for employers and job seekers alike.

Check out Part 2, where I discuss each aspect in detail, and what lessons I learned along the way.

You can also Click Here to see the finished landing page.