Society Box

January 2018

Tobacco Selection

Black by CAO

Another aromatic home run by CAO. Offering a rare complexity of flavors from start to finish, this blend has it all. The tin note is a raspberry explosion with hints of vanilla and cocoa. These translate over well to the smoke, but you may also pick up some coconut and coffee notes.

Royal Challenge by East India Trading Company

Golden Virginias and cavendish provide a subtle sweet vanilla flavor to this spiced rum blend. The tin note offers a slight creme brulee aroma, and the rum casing tastes rather authentic. Could use a bit of drying before the first smoke, but it burns evenly and rarely bites.

Bayou Morning by Cornell & Deihl

A rich, creamy blend of red and bright Virginias and loads of spicy, Louisiana Perique. This blend has flavors that will last, and it’ll give you a nice dose of vitamin N, more like a kick in the teeth. If you’re a fan of incredible VaPer blends, then you’re in for a treat.

Mississippi River by Seattle Pipe Club

An American blend that offers a bit of everything. Virginias, Latakia, Perique and Orientals combine to create a magnificent amalgamation of sweet and savory goodness. Mississippi River is smooth, easy smoke that is sure to satisfy almost any pipe smoker.


Pipe Knockers

Cork pipe knockers are essential for getting that last bit of ash or unsmoked tobacco out of your bowl without damaging the pristine finish on your favorite pipe. These knockers also come with a convenient adhesive backing, so you can customize any ash tray that you already own.