Subscription Boxes: Fun, Low Risk Entrepreneurship

Subscription Boxes: Fun, Low Risk Entrepreneurship

Today I’m going to talk about some of the advantages of starting a subscription box business. It’s a fun and relatively straight forward way to turn an interest or a hobby into a small business that could potentially earn you a lot of money.

I currently own and operate a pipe tobacco subscription box company called, The Tin Society, and my wife and I are in the planning stage of another subscription box concept called, Dwell Richly Co. I have a blast running The Tin Society, and it has taught me a lot about entrepreneurship. I’ve learned about social media advertising, content marketing, website development, inventory management, customer service, bulk shipping, writing emails, organization and general time management. It can be overwhelming to think about starting any business, with all of the planning and coordination it takes to get started. Let me tell you about some of the advantages and benefits of the subscription box model.

Focus on what you love 

 I’ve researched a lot of different ways to make money online, and this has been by far the most exciting. Affiliate marketing, selling t-shirts on Facebook, setting up an e-commerce store all required that I spend time becoming some kind of expert on something that I didn’t care about. The subscription box model allowed me to focus on the interests and hobbies that I have right now. I love smoking a pipe. It helps me relax, and it’s fun to be around other pipe smokers. I can relate to pipe smokers, I know what problems they have and I believe that my business helps to solve the problem of trying out new tobacco blends without the worry of wasting time and money.

Low risk 

Getting a subscription business off the ground doesn’t take a lot of capital, and once you have a decent number of subscribers, the subscription fees cover the monthly expenses. If you have correctly price your subscription it doesn’t take long to make back your initial investment.

Recurring revenue 

Unlike other business models that either rely on huge amounts of traffic or big ticket items, subscribers provide stable, recurring income. This greatly increases the profit potential of less expensive products while still leveraging the huge quantity of potential customers across the world wide web. As long as your target audience is defined adequately, many subscribers will stick around for a long time.

People are willing to pay good money for the excitement and convenience of a subscription box.


If you focus your efforts on a tightly defined niche market, marketing your subscription products can be easier than you might think. Everyone likes to receive packages in the mail, and especially so if they contain surprise goodies pertaining to some interest or hobby that care deeply about. People are willing to pay good money for the excitement and convenience of a subscription box.

These are just a few of the advantages of the subscription box model, and I can’t adequately describe how fun and fulfilling it is to be able to provide something of value to people you’ve never met. Don’t be afraid, and always remember to be yourself and have fun.