Ron Paul Institute Article: Christians Return to Syria – But Not to Iraq

Ron Paul Institute Article: Christians Return to Syria – But Not to Iraq

Today, I’m summing up an article that was posted on the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity (RPI) website, and originally published at Religious Freedom Coalition. The article is titled, “Christians Return to Syria – But Not to Iraq,” and was written by William Murray, the current chairman of the RFC.

The assertions being made in this article are not difficult to sum up. Despite what the US government and mainstream media would have had you believe, as the Assad regime appears to be winning this long and bloody civil war, more and more Christians are beginning to move back into the country. This goes against the official narrative being pushed by the majority of media outlets, that an Assad victory would spell disaster for Syrian Christians and other religious minorities. The article cites Christian religious leaders in Syria who describe the decades of rule by the Assad family as a “golden era for Christians.”

This scenario is contrasted by the extremely low numbers of Christians who are returning to Iraq, who has had a so called “democratic” government backed by the US for over a decade. Contrasting the governments of two countries, the article points out that Syria has secular constitution, which does not enforce Sharia law. In Iraq, however, Islam was essentially codified into their constitution by a “democratic assembly” after the death of Saddam Hussein.

Juxtaposing the two situations in the Middle East reveals that US meddling in these countries has done much more harm than good. It is past time for the US military, and the US government as a whole, to get out of these countries and leave them to govern themselves as they wish. The fact that the US is unwilling to entertain leaving the region suggests that there are ulterior motives to our involvement besides the claims of fighting oppression and terrorism. The longer we continue to intervene in these countries, the more the people hate us and the more violence and chaos it creates.